Measuring the Sky

43 Shades of Blue-Start at white and go clockwise


Waking slowly in a snowdrift

Little fluffy clouds

Gentle breeze

Wake up smiling

Put the curtains on the window

The sky belongs to Everyone



The sky belongs to No one

Recovery Blue

Leaving you behind

Baby Blue

The Vast Beyond

Shouting at the moon

Pale Blue Dot

‘Treasure from outer space’ says the astronaut

Jealous of the Sky

What colour blue are you?

Blue blue electric blue, that is the colour where I will live



Bruised Silence

Singing on the back of my horse while I let him take an unknown path

Bondi Blue

Desert Skies

Kangaroos and joeys grazing at the edge of the road

Picnic Blue

Fear of the clouds

Magpies swooping

Excuse me while I touch the sky


Fragmentary Blue

A Slash of Blue

Winter uses all the blues there are

At the end of the Road

Blue Moon

Owls Hooting

The Unexpected Space Ship

Starry Starry Night


All is quiet in the dead of night

blues of outerspace